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I miss my Khawarizmian
Monday, December 23, 2013 | 0 comments

Along 2013
Friday, December 20, 2013 | 0 comments

 NurAqilah Che Nazilan
 Nursyafiqah Ismail

 Misbah Salamat

the hostel life may be hard for me but the present of them make my days even its not be told

 with Miss Juliana

Kamal Hanafi Nazir

 some pieces of me may remind of someone , yada yada

family just cant be describe by word , they are everything even we've faught,crying and giving other support non-stop

dis friendship must be count and always be remind , I miss them

Assalamualaikum everyone ! okay it seem like dis ugly blog already deactive for awhile
hey did it just to stay in my private lifes
why people keep on talking back to you even they not experience its by theirselves
yada yada idk what exactly dis life want , living in your own prototype create your way sit alone
hmmm just like myself now,its look so lifeless right ?
Im just wondering why people keep on busy with other(s)' business
ita all about L I F E ! stay on my blues mood and idk when it gonna stick with me
ahhahahhahha laughing at myself then think, is dat necessary ?
your lifes should be happening as expected but its dont work at all
oh ya,Im here seeking apologize for my rudeness my attitude and sarcasm I've done
and last Im sorry dat I never apologize formally yeah you know what I means 
peeople always take their pride first than other , Im truly sorry

Friday, December 6, 2013 | 0 comments

"kau kalau ada boyfriend nak panggil ape?"

"hah?panggil apanya?"

"ala,mcm nama panggilan gitu"

"oh, Bakteria kot"


"hmm ntalah , tapi bagi aku dia Bakteria lah,kalau tak kenapa aku jatuh hati/suka dia"

"oh,aku nak jadi Bakteria kau bole?"


"kenapa ?"

"sebab kau Labu aku,bukan Bakteria aku "

"ohh,hmmm oke"


Best Thing I Ever Had
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 | 0 comments

Hi and assalamualaikum , I didnt know why I really want to post about this story
hmm I just feel I need to post this and I dedicate this for my fellow friends ze friends that make friends with me , make as enemies , friends that make my day ,I just felt sorry for those has been hurt because of me , yeah the one that with me for 3 years in secondary school , in SMK Tun Syed Nasir Ismail , thanks for being my partners whenever , I need you guys badly , hmm I'm about to cry , I really appreciate those are here for me ,in  this 3 years I'm being to selfish maybe mean toward them maybe didnt agree with them yes
someone of them said that I'm a dictator when it comes to lead people someone said I'm irritating
that for sure someone of them glade when I'm on ze bottom , that life , we must follow ze way that already make for us , being in such a big crowd make me ze one volunteer to be ze first , always fight with people to show how great I'm , that me I admit it , and just feel guilt toward them for ze past that make a worst memory with me , making them feel like 'wth I'm doing this for her,with her,what I got when cooperate with her?' huh that should be and I already asked them whether I make a big mistake that make me feel guilty for ze rest of my lifes , and they reply there none , I wonder what they mean by none , it make me feel how terrible myself , I really sorry maybe I'm ze friend always be there for you,friend that make your days , friend that just know how to make people hate me , I really hope this frindship till jannah dear friends , I didnt any specialist when it comes to make people happy , I done everything by my owns and try to make they smile,that me and I hope when I'm leaving ze school everyone gonna be alright and live in harmony , yes we 3UIAvengers are here and I'm one of them , proud to be some of them , proud as I could be happy with them , le FMED , 4E and DIE always in my heart , there no joke here ,

Nursyafiqah Bt Ismail

Misbah Bt Salamat

Nurin Izzati Bt Rosmanshah

le FME

Maizatul Aqmarisha Bt Salim

Putri Nurul Sarah Bt Narizan

Nur Iffah Fasihah Bt Rozaimee @ Zainal

Zuhaira Bt Zainal

le 4E

Areena Amani Bt Rohizam

Dawanii Kansul Arasy

and lastly is NurImanina Bt Khairi

Suhayzah and Aina Nadhirah

 Rohman and Afiq , :)

Suhayaza Hamzah

ze twin , Yaya and Wawa ,

PRS tweetheart KakZee KakMira KakMuna KakZiza Fina